What Are The Tips For Hiring A Personal Trainer?

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Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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What are the tips for hiring a personal trainer? Finding the right personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals is never easy. Why? Because everybody on social media seems to act like a prospective trainer by showing you their workout routine in a gym on a video.

Or by giving you their fitness or workout tips. Any random person can give out fitness information or personal trainer advice but that doesn’t make them good trainers.

The most important thing in finding a personal trainer is their credentials and experience. Do they have exercise science educational credentials to help you with your fitness and workout goals? And do they have many years of experience to take any random person of any fitness level to being healthy and fit.

NASM or ISSA is a certification given to personal trainers to certify them nationally and if they are certified with any of those organizations that is a start minimally. Transformations are proof of any personal-training real live fitness body of work. If you see legitimate transformation that mirror all body-types that gives you an idea if that personal-trainer knows what they are doing.

What are the tips for hiring a personal trainer?

So, let us talk about the 5 things to maximize your results:

  • Track your progress and results because it is the only way to know what you need to improve and if you are improving. And these results can be weight-loss, inches, bodyfat loss,  improved energy or mood and improved stress.
  • Write down your short-term goals and long-term goals. Those goals can be about how much food you were going to eat or how many calories you plan on consuming. Or how much weight you want to lose and how long you want to keep it off.
  • Making sure you have people in your circle that supports your fitness journey. A reliable support system is so important to help you stay motivated to reach and attain your fitness goals.
  • Motivation- How to stay motivated? Posting a picture of someone’s body that you would like to look like physically and post that picture on your refrigerator door or your vision board. It is exceedingly difficult to reach your fitness goals if you can’t visually see where you are trying to go physically speaking.
  • Having patience is important and you will not reach your fitness goals in one day or one week or even two weeks. Have you ever heard of the saying it is a marathon not a sprint? It takes time and patience to accomplish your fitness goals. But if you understand it is a process then you will have the patience to enjoy it.

“The only way for a personal trainer or fitness client to be successful together is having a great relationship”

The only way for any personal trainer or fitness client to be successful together is having a great relationship. If the client doesn’t trust the personal trainer, then they won’t be successful together.  If you have any interest in trying any of our Ethical supplement products to help you heighten your immune system or assist you with your fitness or health goals you can go to

What are the tips for hiring a personal trainer?

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