Does Bone Broth Help You Lose Weight?

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Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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Does bone broth help you lose weight? The bone broth diet is a low carb/paleo diet with intermittent fasting. Scientifically the diet is not better than a conventional caloric reduced diet. The 21 Day bone broth diet was created by a naturopathic doctor named Kellyann Petrucci. How does the diet work? Well 5 days a week you eat paleo style/ low carb meals, and it consists of meat, fish poultry, eggs, vegetables, and healthy fats.

The things you avoid is dairy, legumes, grains, alcohol, and any added sugars. Two days a week you do mini fasts, but you can still drink your bone broth. You follow this plan for 21 days and if you don’t lose the desired weight within that timeframe then you do another 21-day bone broth diet until you are happy with the amount of weight you lost.

On those mini-fast days you are only drinking your bone broth which means your calories will be between 300 to 500 calories on those two consecutive days.

Does Bone Broth Help You Lose Weight? Photo credit: Qwart

On those 5 days where you are not fasting your meals would consist of:

Breakfast– 1 portion of protein, 1 healthy fat, and 1 portion of fruit.

Lunch– 1 portion of protein, two portions of vegetables and 1 portion of fruit.

Dinner– 1 portion of protein, two portions of vegetables and 1 portion of fat.

Snacks– 1 cup of portion of bone broth twice a day.

After the 21 days or after you lose your desired weight, you then transition to the 80/20 maintenance plan. The 80/20 plan is the following: You eat 80% of the approved foods and 20% of the time you can indulge. And eat foods like dairy and alcohol which are foods you can’t eat on the bone broth diet plan.

This is a detailed list of the allowed foods on the Bone Broth Diet:

  • Vegetables– asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, squash, etc.
  • Fruits– apples, berries, melons, strawberries, oranges, etc.
  • Healthy Fats– avocados, olive oil, ghee, nuts, coconut oil, etc.
  • Proteins– chicken, eggs, beef, fish, etc.
  • Beverages– water, coffee, tea.

Foods To Avoid on the Bone Broth Diet:

  • Grains– wheat, barley, rye, and any gluten grains.
  • Processed Fruit- fruit juice, dried fruit, or sweetened fruit.
  • Potatoes- all potatoes except sweet potatoes.
  • Sugar substitutes-artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame and natural sugar substitutes like stevia.
  • Dairy Products- Ice cream, milk, yogurt, cheese, butter.
  • Legumes-beans, peanuts, peanut butter, soy products, etc.
  • Beverages soda and alcohol beverages.

Does The Bone Broth Diet Work For Weight loss?

There are no scientific journals or studies on the bone broth diet in terms of how much weight you can lose. But if you look at this diet and how it is formulated you will lose weight on it because it will put you in caloric deficit. But you are not going to lose any more weight on this compared to a normal reduced balanced low-calorie diet.

The Bone Broth Diet is a combination of paleo, intermittent fasting and low carbs, so you have 3 different diet approaches in one. So why wouldn’t you lose weight on something like this? And it is important to know that this diet is not sustainable from a long-term perspective as it is very restrictive. Why is it not sustainable? Because there is a couple of major food groups that is not a part of the normal bone broth diet plan.

The Bone broth diet has claims that it will improve gut health, skin wrinkles, inflammation, joint pain, and blood sugar control. But there are no scientific based studies that validates these claims yet.

The Bottom Line is the Bone Broth Diet is restrictive in nature and it is not a sustainable from a long-term perspective so it may not appeal to everybody. Studies have shown that diets that have less restriction and have more balance people tend to have more long-term weight loss success with that.

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