How Much Melatonin Can I Take Per Day?

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Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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How much melatonin can I take per day? Most people don’t even know that we naturally produce it, and that melatonin is a hormone. So, because our bodies make melatonin, and we want to make sure that we don’t do anything that would put us in the melatonin overdose range.

And taking too much supplemental melatonin can really disrupt our sleep wake cycle also known as the circadian rhythm. Everybody reacts differently in terms of their potential sensitivity to melatonin. So, I would say it is safe to take less than more of it.

Most studies have said that a safe daily dosage is between 1 and 10 mg. The dose of it will always depend on your body, weight and age and sensitivity to melatonin. Anything more than 30 mg is considered higher doses and should not be advisable. The lowest dose is around 1 mg.

How much melatonin can I take per day?

Symptoms Of Too Much Melatonin

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Low Energy
  • Diarrhea

The Things Not To Take With Melatonin

  • It is not advisable to take alcohol or caffeine with it as that can seriously disrupt your circadian rhythm.
  • Birth control pills make a woman produce more melatonin. So, taking it supplementally would push you in the too much melatonin category.
  • Any medication that is prescribed you should contact your doctor and make sure it is ok to take it supplementally. Why? Because your current prescribed medication may not respond well with it. And a combination of both may be too much for your body.

Things To Do That Improves Sleep

  • Staying away from any caffeine or energy drinks before you go to bed.
  • Going to bed and waking up at the same time will help to establish consistent sleeping patterns. And it will minimize sleep problems and sleep disorder.
  • Staying away from any technical devices such as a laptop, phone, computer that could give off any light or noise. Keep that away from your pillow or your bed. All those types of devices can make it difficult to sleep well.
  • Making sure your room is dark and doesn’t have any light dipping into your bedroom. It is hard to sleep well when your bedroom is lit and isn’t completely dark.

There are so many things you can do to improve your sleep before ever considering taking that type of sleep supplement to help you. Try to exhaust all things mentioned before going that route. A melatonin supplement should be looked at as a last resort.

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