Obi Obadike Inducted Into Marquis Who is Who America

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The CEO of Ethical Inc Obi Obadike has been inducted into Marquis Who is Who America for their 2023 edition.

Obi got inducted in the Marquis Who is Who in America 2023 edition based on my entire body of work in the health and wellness industry. Many of you may know who Marquis Who is Who is but for some of you who don’t know.  

They chronicle the lives of the most accomplished and notable individuals and innovators in this country from politics, business, law, education, art, religion, health, entertainment, etc.

 And they have been doing this since 1899 as it is the gold standard of the most prominent and successful American biographies. They have to get induct you get in this Hall Of Fame inclusion of influential and notable American biographies.

Obi Obadike inducted into Marquis Who is Who America

There will be a one page bio and my picture in their 2023 Marquis Who is Who in America edition book. And that book with my bio along with others will be published towards the end of the year in the (Library of Congress), major universities and libraries across the country. 

Obi states, “One of the executives from Marquis Who is Who told me generations will get to read about you in this American history book. And I still have a hard time processing all of that because I never thought someone like me would ever be in an American history book.”

I am incredibly humbled to be inducted. And I know how hard I’ve worked on my craft and what Ive sacrificed personally to get this point in my career.  All the Glory goes to God, and I want thank every person including my parents that helped me get here from Day 1.

It looks like I am officially part of American history! They wrote a beautiful narrative piece about me and my career in their press release at this link below for anybody that wants to read what they wrote.”

Obi Obadike Recognized by Marquis Who’s Who for Excellence in Health and Wellness (

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