Morris Chestnut and Obi Obadike Are Set To Change The Health Of The Globe Ethically One Supplement At A Time

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Welcome to Ethical Supplements™ – brought to you by Ethical Inc. ®

Today, Founders Actor Morris Chestnut and Celebrity & Fitness Nutrition Expert Obi Obadike announce the launch of Ethical, a brand-new health and wellness supplement company. Ethical is a natural science-based supplement and health/fitness focused company that empowers the community to reach their health and lifestyle goals by delivering the most trustworthy and ethical products as well as free educational content and fitness and nutrition programs. Morris Chestnut and Obi Obadike and The Ethical Company Are Set To Change The Health Of The Globe Ethically One Supplement At A Time.

The services of Ethical presents a powerful community-focused ecommerce platform where customers can source safe supplements and nutraceutical products as well as fitness and nutrition programs supported by world class health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle content from industry and community professionals. 

Welcome to Ethical Supplements

The long-term vision of Ethical is to create the most exciting and rewarding value-based supplements and fitness/nutrition platform in the world — to become the platform of choice for millions of customers across the globe. 

In a 2015 article published in The Hartford Courant every week for the past seven ½ years the U.S Food and Drug Administration has identified an average of two dietary supplements being sold to consumers that were tainted and potentially hazardous. In an interview Senator Blumenthal stated that the, “The dietary supplement market is a dangerous Wild West of inadequate regulation that deprives consumers of basic health and safety information and results in serious injuries and deaths. 

Without more transparency regarding the dangers of these products and more scrutiny over the often-outrageous health benefit claims consumers have no way of (knowing what) they are taking. “

Ethical Supplements™ promise to be transparent – using only the most natural and science-backed ingredients

Ethical was created to be that ethical company where all consumers can trust that what is in their supplement products is based on complete transparency of all ingredients by an independent third-party lab which very few supplement companies are doing in the industry.

Morris Chestnut, Partner and co-founder states, “I stopped taking supplements for that very reason because I don’t really know what’s in any of these supplement products these days. The lack of transparency ingredients-wise is what has made me cautious in buying supplements over the counter for a long time now. And therefore, I wanted to create a 100% natural supplement brand based on science that is completely transparent to the consumer where they can see every ingredient that is in our products. Being able to pair up with my exceptionally good friend, my co-author and trainer and Celebrity Fitness And Nutrition Expert Obi Obadike was a great business decision because I knew immediately it would give this brand instant credibility within the health and wellness industry.”

What’s in your Supplements?

Obi Obadike, Founder, states that, “The dietary supplement industry is one of the most unregulated industries in the country and Ethical’s goal is to be a supplement company that every consumer can trust because of the transparency of how we will display all the ingredients in our products and the integrity in how we manufacture and deliver our supplements to the consumer. Very rarely will any supplement company tell you from an independent third-party lab what is actually in their products. 

Ethical will be one of the first companies to do that. Ethical is not just a supplement company, we are a health and wellness company whose goal is to deliver free science-based health and wellness content information daily on our website to all visitors. As they say ‘content is king’ and we realize this and so whether you buy a supplement from us or not we will always deliver and offer free health and wellness articles and videos to help you with your health and wellness goals. Additionally, we will sell diet and exercise eBooks and streaming exercise videos soon to help all customers with their fitness exercise needs.”

We believe that having a healthy heart and having a healthy mind is important to living a healthy life which aligns with Ethical mission statement. So Ethical plans to partner up with the American Heart Association, National Alliance Mental Institute and One Tree Planted. The goal of Ethical is to give back to those organizations with our profit proceeds and raise awareness to both organizations any time we do any form of marketing media on any media platform. 

Learn more at 

Obi Obadike & Morris Chestnut – Founder & Co-founder of Ethical Inc.

About Obi Obadike – CEO of Ethical Inc.

Obi is a #1 best-selling author of a diet and exercise book he co-authored with Morris Chestnut called The Cut. He was recognized as the 6th most influential fitness expert on the web by Dr Oz’s site. He is a nationally and globally recognized Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition expert and he has trained celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Stephen A Smith, Morris Chestnut and others. Obi is an award- winning writer who has written hundreds of health and wellness articles for many top fitness magazines and health and wellness websites. He co-hosted a fitness reality entrepreneur TV show on Spike TV called Sweat Inc with Jillian Michaels and Randy Hetrick, Founder of TRX. He also had a regular fitness expert role on NBC’s Today Show for their Summer Shape Up Series.

About Morris Chestnut – Cofounder of Ethical Inc.

Morris Chestnut is a beloved actor known for his memorable roles in films such as BOYZ IN THE HOOD, THE BROTHERS, THE PERFECT HOLIDAY, THINK LIKE A MAN, and the commercially and critically acclaimed THE BEST MAN and its successful sequel THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY. He is currently starring on the new FOX drama, OUR KIND OF PEOPLE and also THE RESIDENT. Simultaneously, he is preparing to reprise his role as “Lance Sullivan” in the Peacock limited series THE BEST MAN: THE FINAL CHAPTERS. He played the titular character on ROSEWOOD and has appeared in other television shows such as THE ENEMY WITHIN, LEGENDS, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, GOLIATH and NURSE JACKIE, which earned him a NAACP Image Award in the category of “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.”  His other movies include WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, THE PERFECT GUY, BUS 657, THE CALL, KICK ASS 2 and IDENTITY THIEF.

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