Ethical Inc Will Now Be Available On

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Ethical Inc will now be available on

Our health and wellness supplement Ethical Inc has signed a new national partnership retail channels deal to have all of our supplement products to be sold on Best Buy’s national platform.

This category is a brand-new rollout category that Best Buy recently launched. And we were the only start-up supplement brand currently that was able to get into this new dietary supplement rollout category.

In fact, our supplements products are officially on their national platform as of now. Being under the existing national best buy brand will ensure fast delivery times to best buy customers. The vitamins and minerals in our supplements are of high quality and were approved by the Best Buy legal team before our deal with Best Buy was signed.

If you purchase any Ethical Inc supplement product at Best you will always be able to read the ingredients on our supplement label facts of our bottles.

Ethical Inc will now be available on

We are very excited about the national reach that this gives our supplement brand. We’ve been working on this deal for about close to a year now. What we can say was it wasn’t easy to get done but it finally got done.

The Ethical Inc Team wants to thank our backers/other business partners Josh F and Pat B for believing in us because without those two guys there is no Ethical Inc.

And lastly all the glory goes to God because without his power and blessings none of this is humanly possible!

Our national press release to this deal got featured on Yahoo News and Market Watch as well as other national media outlets. The links to our press release are below.

If you have any interest in trying any of our Ethical Supplement  products to help you heighten your immune system or assist you with your fitness, weight loss or health goals. You can get a discount below at this link. ?utm_source=blog 

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