What Is The Best Time To Workout To Lose Weight?

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Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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When is the best time to workout to lose weight?  There was research that was published in Frontiers in Physiology that showed that women burn more fat while exercising during the morning time. And it showed that men burn more fat while exercising at night.

When is the best time to workout to lose weight?  Photo credit: iStock-Valeril Apetroaiei

The Research Study On When Is The Best Time To Workout

Scientists from Arizona State University, California State University of Chico, and Skidmore college in NY, studied 30 men and 26 women between 25 and 55 years old. This group were highly active people who worked out 4 days a week.

One group exercised for an hour between 630am and 830am while the other group exercised followed the same routine between 6pm and 8pm. The research showed that women that exercised in the morning reduced abdominal fat and blood pressure. But the evening group increased muscle mass.

In the male research group evening exercise helped improved their fat loss and it improved their blood pressure and fatigue levels.

The specifics of the study in a nutshell were the following:

Women– Morning workouts in women improved fat loss, reduced blood pressure, and increased lower body muscle power. Evening exercise increased upper body strength, power, endurance and improved overall mood.

Men– Their strength increased after morning and evening exercise. But evening exercise helped lower systolic blood pressure, improved fatigue and stimulated fat loss compared to early morning exercise.

The study was for 12 weeks, and it involved stretching, interval sprints, resistance training and endurance training.

There was a study that was published in the Journal of Physiology that found that exercising at 7am may shift your body clock earlier. And the results of this would make you feel more alert in the morning. The same research stated it’s easier to stick to healthy habits completed in the morning time.

A 2019 study published in the Journal Experimental Physiology found that nighttime workouts do not disrupt sleep. And over time can reduce the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. And the result of this is better weight loss and weight management.

There was a study published in 2021 that showed that people exerted the highest strength and effort in the late afternoon time. Which is around the same time that your core body temperature is at its highest.

At the end of the day the best time to exercise is when you can fit it into your schedule. If you have a full workout schedule it may be best to workout in the morning and get it out of the way. After working a full 8 to 10 hours in a day you may not have the energy to want to work out after work.

Working out in the morning will help give you a good bolt of energy to start your day. Some people find that when they work out late in the evening it disturbs their sleep. The best thing is to pick a good time that works best for your schedule. And the amount of energy you may have to create time for a workout or exercise.

“There was research that was published in Frontiers in Physiology that showed that women burn more fat while exercising during the morning time. And it showed that men burn more fat while exercising at night.” Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert Obi Obadike

The Bottom Line is there are studies that favor working out in the day and evening time to lose weight for men and women. There really isn’t any perfect time to exercise to lose weight or attain your weight loss goals independent of any small studies.

You need to pick the best time that fits your schedule. Because you could pick an evening time and maybe at that time your energy levels aren’t that high.

 So that will negatively affect the quality of your workouts making it counterproductive to your weight loss goals. Pick the best time that works for you to get efficient results.

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