What Are The Proven Benefits Of BCAA’s?

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Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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What are the proven benefits of BCAA’s? The two top health benefits of BCAA’s are muscle growth and the reduction of muscle soreness. Nine of the 20 essential amino acids cannot be made by your body and needs to be obtained through your diet. 

BCAA’s stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids and branch chain is the chemical structure of BCAA’s.  It can be found through high protein foods such as eggs and meat products. And if you don’t get enough from it from food you can obtain it from a dietary supplement product sold at any local store near you.

Leucine which is a popular amino acid in BCAA’s is responsible for stimulating muscle growth in the body. There was a study where people who consumed 5.6 grams of BCAA’s after a weight-training workout had a 22% increase in muscle growth compared to a placebo group.

What are the proven benefits of BCAA’s? photo credit: iStock-Vectorup

Your body needs all the essential amino acids to achieve full maximal muscle growth. And the difference between Whey Protein and BCAA is whey protein has all the essential amino acids your body needs whereas BCAA’s has a couple.

A common syndrome when you work out is called delayed onset muscle soreness which is called DOMS. This type of soreness develops 12 to 24 hours after exercise and can last up to 3 days. Studies have shown that BCAA’s prevent the breakdown of muscle when you are working out.  And it also helps to relieve delayed onset soreness.

There was a study that showed that people who performed a squat exercise experienced reduced DOMS and muscle fatigue compared to the control group. There are studies that has also shown that taking a BCAA before exercise can help with recovery.

BCAA’s can help reduce exercise fatigue and this happens to everybody that exercises consistently. So, studies have shown that it can reduce fatigue and exhaustion in exercise goers.

BCAA’s can help reduce the breakdown of muscle and reduce muscle wasting.

Muscle wasting happens when you are:

  • Fasting
  • Experience chronic illness,
  • Advanced aging
  • Cancer

Studies have shown that BCAA’s can help reduce muscle wasting.

The Best Food Sources Of BCAA’s If You Can’t Get It From Supplements Are:

  • Beef- Serving Size- 3.5 grams- 6.8 grams of BCAA’s
  • Canned Tuna- Serving Size- 3.5 ounces- 5.2 grams of BCAA’s
  • Salmon- Serving Size- 3.5 ounces- 4.9 grams of BCAA’s
  • Turkey Breast- Serving Size- 3.5 ounces- 4.6 grams of BCAA’s
  • Eggs- Serving Size- 2 Eggs- 3.2 grams of BCAA’s
  • Greek Yogurt- Serving Size- ½ cup- 2 grams of BCAA’s
  • 1% Milk- Serving Size- 2.2 grams of BCAA’s

There are studies that have shown that BCAA’s can improve the health condition of patients of people that have liver disease. There was a study review on 827 people that showed that taking BCAA’s supplements had a positive effect on the symptoms of the disease.

And there are other studies that showed taking BCAA’s supplement can provide protection against liver cancer with people that have cirrhosis of the liver.

“Leucine which is a popular amino acid in BCAA’s is responsible for stimulating muscle growth in the body. There was a study where people who consumed 5.6 grams of BCAA’s after a weight-training workout had a 22% increase in muscle growth compared to a placebo group.” Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert Obi Obadike

The Bottom Line is if you can get all your BCAA’s from food then there is no need to take BCAA’s supplements. Try to obtain it from protein rich foods first and then add a dietary supplement option as an alternative if you can’t get all it from food.

BCAA’s are good for muscle growth, reducing muscle fatigue and reducing soreness. And there are studies that it shows it gives protection against liver cancer with patients that have cirrhosis of the liver.

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