clean eating and exercise can help you reach your goals

Eating Clean and Weight Training for the New Year

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Your Complete Guide to Eating Clean and Weight Training for the New Year

your complete guid to eating clean and weight training for the new year
Clean eating and good exercise can help you reach your fitness goals.

Every January, people resolve to start eating clean and weight training for the new year. Weight loss and strength training are admirable goals but are also easy to falter in the uphill battle of motivation.

The odds can feel stacked, but don’t despair. By making a few small changes to your daily routine and setting realistic goals, you will be on your way to a new you in no time at all.

Eating Clean for Weight Loss

It is much harder to lose weight than it is to open one of the many food delivery apps available today and order something deliciously unhealthy. Making changes to your daily diet and eating clean is a great first step in any weight loss journey, and you can start your new year right with just a few steps.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

You should aim for half of your plate being fruit or vegetables, accompanied by lean meats and plant-based protein like tofu or beans. In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eat three low-calorie snacks throughout the day.

When you feel that afternoon craving, reach for an apple or a handful of cherry tomatoes instead of a chocolate bar.

Avoid Fast Food and Processed Food

Making better food choices can be as simple as cooking dinners at home and replacing processed snack items with fresh fruit or vegetables. Cut out:

  • Frozen foods
  • Processed meats
  • Refined carbs

Replace these with healthy whole grains, beans, lean proteins, and fresh produce. If you are short on time when it’s time to shop for and prepare meals, take a few hours a week to meal prep your menu for the week.

Starting a New Weight Training Program

Eating clean and weight training for the new year can be a daunting challenge. Joining a new gym can be both intimidating and expensive. Most resolutions for exercise fail simply because the initial goal set was too big.

If you want to be successful, keep your goals small and realistic.

cleaning eating and exercise like yoga can lead to a healthier lifestyle
What form of exercise are you most drawn to?
  • Start small: Walking for 30 minutes to an hour every day works wonders for your physical and mental health.
  • No gym required: Yoga and aerobic exercise go a long way for a new strength training program. You can begin easily by using your body weight or household items to create resistance in place of buying weights or joining a gym.
  • Mix it up: Keep your strength training from plateauing or going stale by mixing up the exercises. Your body gets stronger between workouts, so work different body parts each day and leave time to rest to see more consistent results.
  • Keep at it: Small, realistic, and attainable goals keep you motivated along the way. Celebrate your successes, and remember that health is a process. Keep going even if you don’t see results right away.

New Year, New You

Eating clean and starting a weight and strength training exercise regime will be a life-changing experience. A few small changes to your everyday habits and routines set you up for success.

For more information on eating clean and weight training for the new year and to find support for your fitness goals, message us online today.

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