How to Stop Yoyo Diets: 7 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

How to Stop Yoyo Diets: 7 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

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Yoyo diets, also known as crash diets, are diets that promise rapid, short-term weight loss. These diets are ultimately unhealthy and rarely result in long-term weight loss. Yoyo dieting can also have long-term detrimental effects on your physical and mental health.

yoyo diets vs healthy eating

Why Yoyo Diets Are Harmful in the Long Term

Yoyo dieting is any diet where you regain the weight that you lost once you stop the diet. This practice has many consequences to your health because the human body does not adjust well to all the rapid changes in weight loss and weight gain.

Crash diets, especially those that eliminate entire food groups, can lead to malnutrition and even heart and kidney problems. Any diet that promises to change your body in a short time is probably a crash diet.

How to Stop Yoyo Dieting and Stick to a Healthy Diet

Healthy weight loss programs never promise to change your body in a month. If you’re wondering how to stop yoyo diets, lose weight healthily, and keep that weight off long term, look for the following things in a diet program:

1. Hydration Is Key

Most adults are at least partially dehydrated. Drinking around 64 ounces of water every day not only helps you feel full but assists with digestion, skin health, and every other body process. If you can’t stand the taste of plain water, add lemon or other fruits—but avoid sugary beverages and additives.

2. Eat Slower

Sometimes eating a meal is an afterthought in today’s fast-paced world. Slowing down as you eat aids in digestion and prevents overeating.

3. Choose Whole, Unprocessed Foods

Making healthy decisions about what you eat keeps weight loss long term. Replace sugary and processed snacks with unrefined carbohydrates, lean proteins, and fresh veggies. A plant-based, protein-rich diet is best for long-term weight loss.

How to Stop Yoyo Diets: 7 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

4. No Skipping Meals

This may feel counterintuitive, but skipping meals can lead to overindulgence or hormone imbalances that cause your body to store more fat when you do eat. Eating smaller, consistent meals that cover all the food groups and healthy snacks throughout the day is the best practice.

5. Portion Control

Think before you eat. A plate full of vegetables has a similar calorie count as a few bites of fried chicken. If you select foods carefully to make the most of your calorie intake, you can enjoy large healthy meals instead of feeling restricted by a diet.

6. Exercise Consistently

Dietary changes coupled with additional exercise are the healthiest and best ways to lose weight and establish habits that keep the weight from coming back. Adding exercise to your routine can be as easy as taking a walk after dinner.

7. Keep a Diet Journal

Keep track of what you eat. This activity helps keep the diet on your mind and track what foods you are enjoying when it comes time to grocery shop.

What is yoyo dieting and how to avoid it? With Obi Obadike – CEO of Ethical Inc.®

Start Your Weight Loss Journey the Right Way

Everybody is different. Consult your physician or a nutritionist if you need additional help with a diet plan.

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