21 Day GetFit Workout Program and Diet Plan


No weights, no equipment, no gym just your body. Your body is your own workout machine. The workouts are 30 minutes a day and 4 days a week.

The 21 Day Get Fit Diet Plan is a tailored body-type plan that is caloric based on how much you weigh. It is not a cookie-cutter diet that you see in other generic diet plans. The workouts consist of circuit strength training bodyweight movements, boot-camp cardio moves, plyo moves and more.  These workouts will allow you to get leaner, lose the body fat and pounds at an accelerated rate, sculpt your booty, get washboard abs and tone your arms and legs. Over 44 different bodyweight instructional exercises over that 3 week period, which makes you feel like every day is a new workout. Get in The best shape in just 21 days, and if you need to lose more weight, go through the 21 day Phase I and II program until you get to your desired weight.

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