How Many Miles Should I Run A Day?

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Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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How many miles should I run a day? Sometimes people are so focused on distance when it comes to running daily as opposed to how many calories you can burn in that specific exercise timeframe. If your goal is to drop body fat, stay lean or maintain a healthy weight then your running goal should be on how many calories can I burn in a day with my cardiovascular routine.

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You don’t have to run a certain number of miles daily to stay in shape. Running or walking longer distances can help you lose weight quicker theoretically. The quality of your running or walking is more important than the quantity. Because if the intensity is high then you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Running is one of the best cardiovascular and leg building workouts. Most people who are runners have great lean and muscular legs. And this is because they run a lot and they do it consistently over time.

The American Heart Association recommends that the best way to  maintain a healthy heart you must exercise at least 150 minutes week. And this comes out to walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. That is achievable by anybody time wise to incorporate that into their daily regular lifestyle.

It is important to understand that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. There was a 2015 study that revealed that 5 to 10 minutes of running a day is linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

When you are running it activates a full range of leg muscles like your quads, hamstrings, calves, butt, abs etc. Most people think that running can erode your joints but surprisingly there was a 2019 research study that showed that running was more effective at increasing bone density in healthy adults compared to walking.

According to the CDC, (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) a 154-pound person can burn 295 calories while jogging for 30 minutes at 5 miles per hour.

The number of calories you burn while running depends on the following things:

  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Body composition
  • Incline
  • Terrain

Running 2 to 3 miles a day a couple of days, a week is a good regimen to do lose and maintain while staying in shape.

The Bottom Line is running 2 to 3 miles a couple of days a week is a good distance to help you stay in shape. But if your goal is to lose weight or get in better shape your focus should be more on how many calories, I can burn in a day running or walking. As opposed to how many miles I have to run.

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