Are Personal Trainers A Waste Of Money?

Written by:

Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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Are personal trainers a waste of money? That depends on the experience and educational level of the personal trainer you decide to hire. A personal trainer has an invaluable purpose of helping any fitness or health enthusiast get fit, get healthy and in shape again.

The fitness industry is a billion-dollar industry and so there is a lot of money to made by any fitness or health professional. And since the industry is lucrative you have many people who may not have the experience that want to be a trainer or coach and create fitness programs for clients.

Are personal trainers a waste of money?

And some don’t have the experience, certifications, or knowledge to create a customized fitness program for anybody. And so, if you don’t have the education or knowledge to create a workout program you can really hurt or injure somebody. You could create a program that could be difficult for somebody to do. And that could potentially lead to a severe injury or illness.

Therefore, liability insurance is especially important for any personal trainer that has their own business because it is easy for someone to get an injury while working out. Especially if they are doing an exercise with incorrect form. Or their trainer is not paying attention to them while spotting them while they are going through an exercise routine.

Liability insurance protects the trainer in case a client gets an injury under your guidance, and they decide to sue you because of those injuries.

Are personal trainers a waste of money?

This Is What You Will Learn From A Good Personal Trainer

  • A personal trainer can help you with setting realistic short and long-term fitness goals. They can tell you what is achievable based on the amount of time you put in.
  • A fitness coach can create a customized exercise program designed around your physical capabilities, past or present injuries. And around your age and current fitness levels. A good fitness coach can understand that a one size fits all program is the wrong approach to helping someone get fit.
  • A certified trainer is not a registered dietician or nutritionist so they can’t legally give diet plans for people that have medical illnesses. But they can give nutritional advice or tips to help you make better decisions in how to eat the right foods.
  • And some of that advice can be how much protein you need to build muscle. Or advice such as what foods to eat stay lean. Or how much water you drink a day or how much fruits and vegetables should you have? These are all healthy lifestyle habits that any personal trainer with basic nutrition 101 education can give to you that can help you make changes diet/nutrition wise.
  • Working with a personal trainer can give you the accountability you would need to make sure you follow the program being given to you. Especially, when you know that you can potentially let someone down if you don’t follow a blueprint program being given to you.
  • It can give you extra motivation to succeed. Because you are not only doing it for yourself. You have other people like your trainer that wants to see you succeed. So, it is not just about you anymore. And that extra accountability can push people beyond what they thought they were capable of doing.

Working with a trainer can change your life from a health and wellness perspective. I will give you an example I helped someone lose over 117 pounds in one year a couple of years ago. Once he lost all that weight his blood pressure and cholesterol levels dropped in half.

And he was off blood pressure medication because of the weight he dropped. But more importantly because his eating is 100 times healthier than before. And he was also working out consistently 5 days a week. He was a brand-new man mentally, spiritually, and physically.

As important as medical doctors are in this world, they don’t have the education to create a customized nutrition and exercise program for a patient. Or to help a client lose a large amount of weight with diet and exercise. A good trainer is your preventive health care coach. And their job is to prevent you from having to go to the doctor because you are unhealthy.

“A personal trainer has an invaluable purpose of helping any fitness or health enthusiast get fit, get healthy and in shape again.”-Celebrity Fitness Expert- Obi Obadike

The Bottom Line: Hiring a personal trainer if you are serious about your health and fitness is one of the best investments you can ever make for yourself. Especially if you are serious about reaching your goals and wanting to make a change in your lifestyle.

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