group training vs individual training - ethical supplements

Group Training vs Individual Training – which is better? And what are the benefits?

Written by:

Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike

Celebrity Fitness & Nutrition Expert, CFT, SFN, M.S. Founder & CEO – Ethical Inc.
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Do you succeed better with Group training vs individual training? They both work effectively but your personality and your comfortability around people will always dictate what works best for you.

group training vs individual training - ethical supplements

We’re all different when it comes to the types of fitness or training workouts which work best for us in terms of getting in shape. Some people prefer privacy and the intimacy of working out with a Personal Trainer, and some people prefer a community of people to help motivate them.

So, do you succeed better in a 1-on-1 workout or group workout? Are you motivated by your personal trainer or instructor or are you motivated by groups of people who you are training with in a group setting? Once you can safely answer this question then you’ll know if group training works vs individual training works better for you.

Group Training Benefits

These are some of the advantages of working in a group training environment: 

  • Increased Motivation and inspiration from others that you are working out with. Seeing other people either with similar ages and body types or totally different, or seeing people struggling or succeeding will motivate you to keep going. We are visual beings, and we get motivated by our peers.
  • Being part of a community where everybody supports on another can be very motivating when working out in a group environment. The community feels like a family and you find connection in it because everybody has the same common collective goal.
  • Accountability happens because if you don’t turn up and your lack of presence is felt, or you don’t book your appointment for that group training spot you lose your spot, there is an impact when you let those around you down. So that accountability of potentially losing your training spot because you don’t turn up and commit every week can be very helpful to you to stay on point.

Individual Training benefits

And here are some of the advantages of individual training:

  • Intimacy and privacy. Meaning you don’t have to worry about being around large groups of people. If you are having difficulties with an exercise or struggling, this can happen privately wuthout vulnerability or humility. And friends – it’s totally ok to feel like this until you start developing your confidence along your fitness journey. Some of us don’t want to struggle or fail in front of people and that’s human! So, privacy is something that may make you feel more comfortable with your personal trainer.
  • Desired Pace. You get to workout at own your individual pace without having to feel like you’re competing against somebody else. It’s just you and only you and your private trainer.
  • Concentration. You have better concentration in an individual training format and setting as opposed group training format. It’s easy to be distracted in a group training format.
  • Desired Time. You can train at your preferred desired time as opposed to having to pick a last-minute slot before you get cancelled in a group training class. There’s more flexibility time-wise when you’re trying to pick a time just for yourself with your personal trainer.

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There are benefits to both group training and individual training and you need to pick what works best for your schedule. And what works best for your optimal success regarding your fitness, wellness, and health goals.

We hope to make the process of choosing Ethical natural supplements stress-free. You can shop our catalog online or contact us for more information on what sets us apart from the rest in high-quality and ethical nutritional goods. Our appetite supressent supplement may just be the product you need to kick those cravings to the curb.

We’re passionate about giving bodies the comfort they need, both in spirit and health. Let us know if there are other nutritional questions you’d like to see answered, or check back here for more discussions that can help make our world a better, more thoughtful place.

Take Care,
Obi Obadike

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